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Gut Health is Real Health

Eat good to feel good. 

Hello all!! I am Kim.....I am a wife to Josh (for 14 years), a mom of 2 (12 & 9) a Life Coach & Self Care Coach. We live in a small town in Iowa where we enjoy being outdoors, attending our kids' activities, and traveling!


I am so excited about this newer program! For years, I have been a yo-yo dieter and have had success with different programs only to put the weight back on, letting It fall apart when I got less rigid. I am tired of the diet culture, tired of the "perfect" image (whatever that is), and tired of trying to keep up with everyone else. This new program has helped me me learn what is up with all of my gut issues and all of the things that go along with those gut issues! I have suffered for years with bloating, fatigue, constipation (I know TMI), and just generally feeling like crap! This program has helped me eat good and feel good for life.

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar and you are interested in joining me in resetting your on!!



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