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live fit with me

I started this journey feeling ugly and unattractive. 

Tired of being tired, sluggish, and just icky. 

I found myself relating too well with my morbidly obese father and knew I had to make a change to not be a repeat statistic. 


When you become a parent you want to do everything right. You want to give your children the best possible. Teaching them how to be their best by showing them the way. 


How could I show my children how to live happy healthy lives if I myself wasn’t happy in my skin and living a healthy lifestyle? 


I needed a change! I joined a group of happy healthy people and with their support I'm now in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually! 


After joining this amazing team I quickly learned that helping others reach their goals was the best way for me to reach my goals. I started this journey with a focus on me, now I am on this journey with my team for others. I want to be a role model for others, I want to inspire others, I want to HELP others live happy and healthy lives. 


My mission is to help others be their best in mind, body, and spirit the way that my fellow coaches have helped me. 


Fitness we can do...

As a busy, working mom I didn’t have time to go to a gym and I knew I’d have super mom guilt for taking more time + money away from home. In fact, I was nervous to start this journey due to the cost, I felt like I wasn’t worth the investment since I hadn’t made anything else work at this point.  

Time was a huge issue for me. I was already tired, didn’t feel like I had room in my schedule to “add in anything else” and I certainly didn’t have time to wander around a gym trying to figure out how to get the most out of my time. I wasn’t willing to make a commitment to a “class” in town because that would be more time away from home and money I didn’t think I could spend on me. So finding something that I could do at home, stream anytime and whenever it fit into my schedule was a HUGE advantage! The programs all came with calendars to follow, nutrition plans that told me how much and what I should eat to get the best results. 

Nutrition that fits life...

A mom with two little kids, a full time job and a husband that loved “meat and potatoes” every night for dinner, I knew I’d have to a plan that everyone would love if I didn’t want to make more work for myself. My idea of eating well meant salads all day, everyday and eating significantly less. I always had it in my head that if I was going to be smaller, I had to eat less and less to shrink. Which always left me starving, grumpy and caving in to “bad foods” which then made me feel like a failure because I again, couldn’t stick to it. 


What I learned through the portion fix nutrition program though was that I could eat MORE and a wide variety of foods and still lose weight. The program teaches you how much food your body needs to reach your goals, how much of each type of food - not cutting out any of the food groups - and making sure you are eating a well balanced diet. I no longer think of food as “good” and “bad” but instead as “healthy” and “unhealthy.” I’m able to live with the 100% clean diet 80% of the time. Enjoying treats once a week and not feeling like I’m cheating myself on the goals I’d set for myself. 


My coach and accountability group shared recipes, best practices on planning and preparing meals for busy people like me and it made it SO simple. The more I did it, the more time in my day I found. The more energy I had to play and interact with my kids at night and that “what’s for dinner” drama was gone. We had a plan, a healthy plan and we were sticking to it. Which felt good to be someone that was able to efficiently and effectively take care of myself and my family. 


Support to make it work...


I’ve always loved being on a team, as an athlete my whole life, I enjoy the commradary, friendships and support that comes from working with a group of people to reach a goal. In this health journey you are responsible for YOU, no one can make you push play, eat the right amount of foods or force you to love yourself. However, having people who are working alongside you on the same goals, cheering you on to reach those goals and there to both pick you up on the hard days and celebrate your wins when they happen is KEY to finding success in anything in life. Especially this healthy living journey when so much of the world around us promotes something else. 


Come join us. We have space for you at our table. Let’s get fit together in all areas of our life. Fitness, nutrition and in friendships. 


If you’re ready to take changes you need to make in order to create the life you want, reach out! 

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