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I'm Kim Meyer

I help those who self sabotage to create action plans for success, increase confidence, reduce stress & crush self limiting beliefs.

My passion is helping people to be the very best versions of themselves – to show up, bursting with self-confidence,  and take the action that they need to take to achieve their goals with speed and with ease.

And I love the power of coaching as a way to make this happen.


As your mindset coach, I will help you with a variety of tools to let go of the fear and walk forward in confidence towards the life you want to live. It's my goal to equip you with everything you need to succeed and create a life doing what you love.

I’m also a wife to a 4th grade teacher, a mom of adventurous kids, and a dog named Pearl.  I love a great book, a sweaty workout to start my day and all the Hallmark movies (even though I know how they all turn out). ;-) 

My passion is to help others RISE UP out of their struggles to live their best life. I would love to chat about what that looks like for you.

I look forward to working with you soon!

- Kim

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