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nutrition bootcamp

I don’t know about you, but the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle are the ins and outs of nutrition. There are so many temptations out there and with all of the mixed messages from commercials, magazines & social media, the oversized portions in our restaurant meals and the growing “need” for convenience foods as we are always on the go with busy schedules our nutrition suffers. Eventually leaving us all feeling more tired, having less energy and gaining more and more weight regardless of how much we move in a day. 

Thankfully the company I partner with, Beachbody, has two comprehensive nutrition solutions to help us navigate all the food labels, misconceptions, and fad diets to get us real results by eating real foods. Both programs help us learn how to properly fuel our bodies to reach the goals we have for ourselves. Tone up, slim down, build muscle or just learn how to eat healthily and maintain your results.


Ultimate Portion Fix focuses on providing specific portion-control containers to measure out food (“external control”) backed up by an entire ecosystem of videos, tools, and written self-reflection exercises. It teaches people what and how much to eat to achieve a healthy, balanced diet to effectively lose and maintain their weight. The goal is to get people to rethink how and what they

eat and to finally take control of their nutrition.


2B Mindset takes a less prescriptive approach. With simple, effective nutrition strategies,

knowledge of behavior patterns, plate-visualization methods, and acquired self-awareness tools (“internal control”), the 2B Mindset teaches people how to change their mindset toward food so they can achieve their goal weight. If this seems like a better fit for you, let’s talk about that instead. <3


I had great success with my nutrition following Autumn’s original container system. Learning to fuel

my body with the right foods in the right amounts was a game changer. Also learning how to make

a customized plan for my success helped me lose the weight and take control over my nutrition.

In addition to my workouts, this was the critical piece to my success and the success of so many others.


It was the perfect step up from the way I was eating to how I should be eating. However, after using

the program for so long though you get lax and comfortable again, so Autumn’s now taking the program a step further. She’s not only helping us learn how to create a plan that works for us, but she’s also going to teach us how to sustain that healthy lifestyle for well… life.


She’s also including information on how to fuel our bodies if we are working on different kinds of goals (maintain, fitness competitions, leaning out, building muscle) and also one of my favorite things about this program as a mom - about helping us get our kids to create healthy lifestyle habits with food as well.

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