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7 Secrets to Social Success

Girls or Guys night out, Sporting Events, BBQs, Concerts, Birthday parties, Celebrations, Events, Vacations and on and on and on.

The list never stops. Everywhere you turn there’s yet another reason to cheat or give up all together on living a healthy lifestyle. Just because there are temptations doesn't mean you can't be successful. I've learned so much through our nutrition programs 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix about how to enjoy myself without going crazy. It's about living well, not beating yourself up over a special treat. 

The never ending social schedule quickly leads down a path that causes you to feel left out when trying to change the game with your health. Have you ever thought “I will start after __________ event” or “I can’t attend __________ because I am on a diet.”?

This type of thinking MUST STOP for you to continue your course. Imagine a world where people don’t make fun of your new goal, or pursuit. They don’t mock your approach, doubt your ability or discourage your commitment. (That's our TEAM!) 

This is why social support is so important. This type of support can come in many forms.

Be sure to connect in our Together We RISE Group on FB (if you have an account). We work through these programs and utilize these resources together. Sharing what's worked and celebrating each other's success. 

Share your goals with your coach and our group. Share your commitment and goals with a trusted friend! Who will you tell today? Think through your next event and make a plan for how you will thrive.

7 Secrets to Social Success

#1 - Go with intention! Always keep your goals in mind.

#2 - Have Shakeology (either on the way to the party or at least once a day while on vacation)

#3 - Drink water first. Always have your 20 oz before a meal (yes even pizza or a night out) It will protect you from over doing it!

#4 - At a party always fill your plate with veggies, fruits and proteins first.

#5 - Treat yourself in moderation.

#6 - Kick shame to the curb. - So what if you ate too much, had dessert or skipped your workout. Today is a NEW DAY and another chance at giving this day your BEST!

#7 - CELEBRATE daily wins! Keep those positive vibes flowing to boost your confidence and fuel your commitment.

BONUS: If you've fallen off the wagon and need a kickstart to getting back on - try the 3 Day Refresh. A simple, back to basics cleanse that you eat real foods, drink shakeology and flush out the sugar bugs to get a quick reset to transition back into clean eating easier. 

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