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Affirmations for life

I am strong. I am awesome. I am kind. I am respectful. I am courageous. I am a good friend. I am confident. I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me. I am a good reader. When I struggle, I just keep trying. When I fail, is when I learn. When it gets hard, I stay calm and figure it out. Everything is Figureoutable!

EVERYDAY on our way to school we say these words. We've got it down to a science as to when we pull into that driveway, no matter what the conversation is... this is what it becomes.

It is my prayer and my goal to make sure they walk through those school doors as prepared as possible to have their best day. The world is going to give them plenty of reason to NOT love who they are. It's our job to help them fight against the negative and stand boldly in who God made them to be. Perfectly and wonderfully made. Let's help them to believe they are just that.

This doesn't just have to be your kids either. I started using affirmations to change my mindset about who I was a few years ago and it's made a world of difference in my life. What you believe about yourself matters. It shows up in everything you do, say, feel, respond and are. Be kind to yourself. Step into your God given gifts and LOVE yourself for whose you are.

What kinds of I am statements are you going to start making apart of your daily routine? Drop them below! Want to hear more about affirmations? Check out my podcasts where I teach how to write your own!

Episode: How to use Affirmations Episode: Words Matter

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