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Are you conscious?

There is an invisible force that controls your entire life. it’s called consciousness.

Consciousness is really how much you care, it comes from inside you. It drives our need to explore, do and live. It allows us to experience and enjoy life. When we care at the deepest level we channel the best part of consciousness. When we care about and take care of our physical bodies. When we care about and take care of our mindsets. When we care about and take care of our emotional state. When we care about and take care of our spiritual relationships. It’s being aware of ourselves, of those around us, of what’s going on in the world and how what we do has an impact on all of it.

In the holiday seasons many people go unconscious. They go on autopilot. They get into a habitual state. A default mode.

Scientists have shown that about 45% of what we do on a daily basis is out of habit.

The great thing about habits are that they are automatic, we don’t have to think. They gives a lot of certainty that things will just function if we just do.

Bad thing about them is that they keep you in a comfort zone, they makes you a robot, unable to experience the deep joy and fulfillment and experiences of life that are new in every moment. You’re not living in the moment and really enjoying things, you’re just going through the motions in survival mode.

The real downfall is when our habits/default mode are not healthy ones. When our comfort zone habits lead us into results on the other side that bring us down and further from our goals.

One thing that I’m proud of over the last few years is that I’ve created habits that keep me going on the healthy train more than the downward spiral. It’s a habit, a non-negotiable to move my body daily. My body craves it now. It’s a habit, a non-negotiable to eat vegetables everyday. It’s a habit, a non-negotiable to practice gratitude each morning. It’s a habit, a non-negotiable to fuel my body with natures best each day.

These habits took conscious effort to create.

I had to start, work through roadblocks that tested my commitment and sometimes restart again on the path… but eventually I’ve made these true habits. So even when life gets crazy in these “holiday months” my default isn’t what it used to be.

How many of you are just in that zone right now where it’s one thing to the next and you just have to make it to “that day.?”

How many of you would like to create the habits necessary to bring you into the new year healthier and happier than the last one started?

I’d love to help you do just that. We can take them 1 at a time, you get to choose. But let’s get started. Slide into my DMs today and let’s chat about if this would be a good fit for you.

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