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Baby it's cold outside!

Winter seems to have arrived here in Iowa a bit early... but that doesn't mean we have to give in! Today I've decided to crank up the heat with a few super warm, healthy recipes using up a lot of the fall ingredients still in my house. :-)

The first thing I did today was swap my peppermint mocha Shakeology for pumpkin spice! :-) Going back for the fall vibes in full force! Then after getting my kids to school I decided to keep the theme going and whipped up a few other "keeping me warm" recipes that will also keep me healthy! These pumpkin muffins are so good and I'm for sure going to have to put them away soon before I eat them all up. They were super easy to make and I'm confident will be a hit for all in the family. I modified the recipe slightly to fit what I had on hand. I put my PS Skakeology in the batter instead of in a frosting and I'm not sure my coconut milk is the "drinkable" kind, but it sure made them super creamy and light. You can find the recipe here:

Next I knew I would need something besides muffins for lunch so I made a big batch of squash soup for today and the next few days. I was fortunate to get several squash at our local pumpkin farm a few weeks ago and they are coming in handy now. Bake up the squash, remove from rind and blend in food processor with almond milk and chicken broth. I never measure so I can't help you out there... sorry! I'd guess that maybe 1/2 a cup almond milk along with 1 can of chicken stock and 1 medium butternut squash & 2 acorn squash. Heat through and enjoy.

Along with my soup I made a quick chicken quesadilla with a spinach herb tortilla (gluten free) and feta cheese. Yesterday I made up some salsa chicken while we were at church so that's what I used today, which made it super fast and DELICIOUS!

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