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Chop Chop Salad!

These chop salads were inspired by a friend's post of a recipe she made a few months ago at the beginning of the summer. She was doing a recreation of a "Buhda bowl" and it looked SO good.

Looking for veggie most options, less carbs and recipes with lots of options, I started experimenting on my own. I shared my chop salad inspirations on my IG (@kjpmeyer) and they were a hit. So here we are in blog post format where you can see how I make them and what I put in them. :-)

First it's important to know that there is no "wrong" way of doing this. Use what you have, what you like and see what works out. It is best to use "dry" veggies for your mix if you plan on storing it in the fridge for a few days. Anything with it's own natural "juice" will shorten your storage time.

Step 1: Pick your Veggies

- This literally can be anything you love. I tend to use carrots, purple cabbage, brussel sprouts &/or broccoli as my go tos, but have also included spinach, lettuce, green beans, cauliflower, kale, colored peppers and jicama (although jicama & peppers have a shorter shelf life than I thought). I add in other veggies later on, this is just for your base.

Step 2: Hand chop or better yet use a processor.

I love using the chop bowl of my Ninja Mega Kitchen System. I also don't tend to let it go the full "chop" time set. I only chop for about 10-12 seconds so that I get bite sized not "chewed already" pieces. ;-) You'll definitely be using a spoon for this salad anyway, but it's still good to have veggies at a certain size. Chop to your liking!

Step 3: Mix and store (or serve)! I use a base of 3 cups for each salad - that's a lot of veggies in a sitting! It's super filling and depending on what you add in, a REALLY easy way to get your full servings of veggies in without thinking of eating a salad.

Toppings/Add ins: My favorite add ins are : More Veggies: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and or sunflower seeds. Carb Add ins: You can also add in some quinoa, rice, or baked & cubed sweet potatoes. This makes it SUPER filling and a balanced meal.

Protein Add ins: chicken, hard boiled eggs, sliced ham, ground beef, and chopped up brats or steak too.

Dressings: I've used hummus, guacamole, less than a TBSP of any sugar free dressing & my ultimate favorite is buffalo hot wing sauce. *I know it sounds NUTS, but it's actually REALLY good and gives a great balance to the sweet dried cranberries and crunch of the veggies.

These salads have gone with me EVERYWHERE. From home, to camping, to amusement parks, etc. I scoop what I need in a baggie, bring a bowl and a spoon and throw it together when I get there & it's time to eat. Way easier to store in bags (especially if you're bringing more than one) than in a bowl in the cooler.

This really can be mixed and matched in SO many ways! I'd love to know how you are making your chop salads and what your favorite ingredients are! Share them on your IG and tag me @kjpmeyer or on FB @Chooestoriseup - happy Chopping!

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