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Fall Veggie Bake!

I was recently blessed by my neighbors with a generous donation of their gardens! (Yes, I live in an amazing neighborhood that multiple friends gifted me some veggie goodness!)

They were not really sure what to do with all of their bounty and as a major veggie eater I was THRILLED to take some of it and put it into our meal plan for the week. It's feeling a lot like fall around here so I thought I'd warm up our tummies with an easy veggie bake that ANYONE can do. Especially if you've got a plethora of veggies like we do.

Step 1: I'm using a flat baking sheet lined with tinfoil and coated with some coconut oil non-stick spray. A healthy way to make sure you get to eat all of your veggies and makes clean up SO simple!

Step 2: Gather & clean up your veggies. I just washed up the outsides of the zucchini & squash, you could peel them as well. I peeled and cubed the sweet potatoes and just diced the rest.

Step 3: Season to your liking & add in a bit of olive oil to make sure they roast well and have good flavor. Today I used Trader Joe's "Everything but the Bagel" seasoning and drizzled olive oil over top to make sure we have no sticking as they cook.

Step 4: Bake up for about 35 min at 350 degrees to your crunchiness desire. :-) Serve immediately or portion out to serve in meals throughout the week. Either way a great way to enjoy some of the harvest bounty this fall.

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