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Fitness that Fits

If the shoe FITS!

Fitness comes in many forms and finding what fits you, your lifestyle and your goals is key to a long term healthy formula.

Finding a way to fit exercise into your life and habits will help you continue to progress towards your goals and once achieved keep them. Whether it's getting in a walk for at least 30 min a day, going to the gym for a class when it fits your schedule or doing at home workouts like I do, the most important thing is that you get moving! 

Exercise is also a must for optimal health! But that doesn't mean it has to be hated, or miserable. Find what works for you. I love our online streaming service because it literally has something for everyone. From weights to cardio, dance to kickboxing, yoga and pilates, Tai chang and zumba like workouts. It also has meal guides to hit up the nutrition aspects as well as modifiers to make any program for any skill or ability level. 

Adding exercise in throughout your week can be fun, quick and a great stress reliever. I use exercise daily to start my day off on a healthy foot. Knowing I've done something good for me helps me have more to give to others. 

Another great thing about our  ALL ACCESS BEACHBODY ON DEMAND is when you're not at the gym or when you are out for a run, you have access to great trainers, workouts and programs that you can follow at home, at the park or even when you're traveling! I've taken my workouts offline as well by downloading the workouts onto my device and played them camping in the woods, at my parents house out in the country where there is no wifi or sometimes even in hotels where the wifi just isn't the greatest. 

Exercise doesn't have to be boring, hated or miserable. Find what you love on BOD and join in our accountability group where you'll get support and encouragement on your journey too!  Reply back to see how you can get involved! 

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