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How's your morning routine?

This morning routine has turned into my favorite things about my entire day. Everything is in alignment and brings me so much JOY to take with me the rest of the day.

"The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, the more fearless and free I am."

This journey started a long time ago when I was little & going to church. I've always had a base understanding and belief in God and the Universe.

The journey stayed surface level and safe until I started my self care journey and started honoring who God made me to be with a healthier lifestyle but also really working on my mindset, my relationship with myself & my God.

You can't get to know yourself without also getting to know HIM. You can't get to know HIM without getting to know yourself. A lot like you can't jump into a pool without getting wet.

The journey has amplified and gone way deep this last year when I FINALLY listened to the promptings and took the Journey Class at my church. I've really dug into the questions Who am I? Who is God? How is he working in my life?

I'm more in tune with my spiritual health and like the members of a rowing team racing towards the goal - all areas of my life are humming along together. My physical health, my mental & emotional health and my spiritual health are all working towards living my best life.

It's like baking a cake - you have to have all of the ingredients and at their correct proportions. Baking a cake with only a little bit of flower or no sugar at all won't turn out well. You have to have movement, good food, a positive mindset and a belief in something bigger than you in order to really LIVE the life we've been given. If you're out of balance, or you're seeking help in these areas. I'd encourage you to 1- drop and pray. Look up Child. 2- reach out for help. To me, to a pastor, to a trusted friend. 3- Let go of the doubt and start taking action towards the peace and joy that's already there in your life. You just have to become aware of it's presence.

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