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Let's Kickstart Healthy Habits

This month I'm focusing on helping people create Healthy Habits they can take with them into the busy summer season. So we are starting with a simple one -- staying hydrated! 

So your morning alarm clock sounds, you roll out of bed groggy, one eye open and head like a zombie straight to the kitchen.  

You are on autopilot….C O F F E E pleeeeease! (or for me - ENERGIZE) Does your morning typically start with a cup of coffee, latte or cappuccino? Ahhh, as that warm deliciousness hits your lips you just can’t imagine ever starting our day without it.  It’s your ritual, your secret weapon to be able to tackle your day. And that’s okay, don’t worry we won’t take away your dear friend “Joe”...but coffee is a diuretic, ahem….you know that dry mouth, coffee breath is in your near future.  So soon after that cup of joe, do you reach for the water or do you find yourself reaching for other liquids throughout the day?

Perhaps reaching for a Diet Coke, sugar filled energy drink, flavored iced tea or the mack daddy Frappaccino, especially to help you snap out of a mid-afternoon slump? 

Did you know by simply increasing your water intake, that alone can boost your energy? (crazy fun fact!) 

Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, staying properly hydrated is a HUGE struggle for most people yet it’s a HUGE part of your success in becoming more healthy. And Hydration is the EASIEST change you can make and most important habit to form!  Wouldn’t you agree it’s a no brainer?

This little change will yield big results. And actually is the cure for so many things that we don’t even realize we are missing: Staying properly hydrated can:- boost energy levels- improve your mood- banish headaches- flush out toxins- improve digestion- promote weight loss- alleviate back pain- kill cravings- increase focus and so much more!

Could you benefit from any of the above items?  Ummm, do I hear a heck yes!! And meeting your body’s hydration needs doesn’t have to be difficult.  

Here’s the trick - find a reusable water bottle you LOVE. I mean one that won’t cramp your style, instead it’s now your fashion accessory and be intentional about having it on you at all times!  This water bottle is more important than your American Express - you’ll never leave home without it. 

Bonus, by switching out your Diet Coke, or other sugary drinks for water, you can make sure you are properly hydrated and not sabotaging yourself or undermining all the hard work you are putting into your diet and exercise.  Everyone has different hydration needs, based on weight, activity level, and other factors.    

Make it a starting goal to drink half your body weight in ounces (body weight / 2 = oz of Water per day).  Even the mildest dehydration can bring your goals to a screeching halt. If you are really craving some flavor, and just have the hardest time choking down your required water - I highly recommend Hydrate.  It helps maximize absorption and rapidly delivers the hydration your body desperately needs. I recommend it because Hydrate differs from other sports drinks that are packed with too much sugar and artificial ingredients that actually dehydrate you and cause gastrointestinal distress!  

 Grab your supply here: Hydrate HERE

TIP: Drink 20 oz upon waking and before each meal. Also add 8oz per hour of exercise after you finish and add an additional 8oz on hot days. Take charge of your hydration starting today!  Let’s see a pic of your water bottle - the little sucker that will be your trusty side-kick from now on!

Which of these helpful tips are you going to try implementing this week? Stay tuned to the next Healthy Habit tip coming soon!


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