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That simple decision

Have you ever made a decision that seemed insignificant at the time but ended up making all the difference?

I did that a little over 4.5 years ago - just another day in the life of this struggling mom try to find balance in the chaos life she was living in.

I was looking for change, for something could fit into my chaotic schedule and for something that no one else needed to see me do. I was a former athlete that had traded my physical fitness routine for baggy dresses and bingeing on tv and social media instead. I was ashamed of my body and my lack of strength.

After years of trying and quitting dozens of things, it was so refreshing to find the right mix of fitness, nutrition, and support that actually WORKED for me. It was something I could follow and do anywhere.

And like any time someone gets excited about a real life-changing experience, I tended to find myself talking about it out of sheer enthusiasm!

That’s when one of the amazing friends I had made in that online support community reached out to me and invited me to take a look at way I could actually play a role in other people lives and be rewarded for it financially simply by talking about the programs & products I was already talking about. Seemed simple enough.

But to be honest, I didn’t see this as the huge ‘ah-ha’ moment. This wasn’t the big plan to change my life from busy school admin to full time lifestyle coach, I seriously just signed up because it got me a discount on the things I was already using.

Back then there weren’t terms like ‘side hustle’ or ‘affiliate marketing’ … and I had never heard the term network marketing. I just thought this was a cool idea from the company to reward their excited advocates.

I can’t say I was a fast starter with my business, but I wouldn’t say I went in skeptical either. I didn’t do bunch of extra research, and I didn’t ask my friends or family if they ‘thought it was a good idea’. (And THANK GOD because I know most would have told me how it was some scam or how those things ‘never work’)

Well here I am 4.5 years later, I am no where near the same person I was when I started. I’ve gotten control of my schedule and my health. I’m close to being financially free with my own team I train, encourage and pour into because I see them as my 2nd family. I’m able to spend every day exactly how I want. I’ve have been able to travel all over because of this business. I don’t ask for vacation days. I’m not reprimanded for taking a long lunch. I’m not worried about using too many sick days, or wondering if I can get away in the case of some emergency. I get to feel significant daily that what I do matters!

I’m so thankful for this business. Not only for the reasons I already listed, but for introducing me to personal development. The leadership skills I have now were taught to me through this and showed me who I had to become to be successful. It igniting the desire to get better daily in every area of life. I love that to be successful you have to help get other people real results. I love that the sky is the limit, no corporate ladder that you have to tediously climb.

I could go on and on. All I know is, this works if you work it. In so many ways I feel I’m just getting started. So cheers to the last 4.5 years .. and cheers to teaching, growing, and thriving for the years to come!

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