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Tips for a Healthy & Happy Summer!

This week I was asked to come share at our local Lion's club about what I do now as a health and wellness coach. I was honored to speak and share with them about how they can not only improve their own health, but also take back simple things to their workplaces to encourage a healthy environment there too! 

So I thought I'd share those simple tips here too! 

1. Plan Ahead! (Have a plan or plan to fail - John Wooden) ;-)  Life for me at least just flows a lot better when there is a plan to follow. It doesn't have to be something set in stone, but having a plan gets you closer to goals than just winging it.  I use a planner like this to figure out what's coming, what meals will be and how to stay on track.  It not only helps me stay ahead of our family's schedule, but makes sure I have all the food I need as well for the week. From this plan I make my grocery list and head to the store! 

2. PACK SNACKS!  I don't know about you, but my kids are ALWAYS asking to eat as soon as we get in the car or get somewhere. Even though we've said a 1000 times that they need to eat before we leave. Sometimes I feel like I need to pick my battles... so I always take snacks! (healthy ones too)  Chopping up veggies, fruits, taking Beachbars, bagging up almonds & cranberries, etc.  If you're going somewhere for a picnic or to the ball field (where we find ourselves 80% of nights these days) make up a side salad, a wrap of deli meats and veggies, or just pack up some mixed cut up veggies and guac cups or hummus.  You'll save calories, time, money and sanity b/c you'll be prepared already for their endless desire to eat! 

Packing lunches for work is also a great way to stay on track - avoiding take out, getting into the candy bowl at work and make sure you're staying fueled up for whatever the day throws at you. 

3. Stay Hydrated!  Yes, we've talked about this before, dehydration leads to cravings for salty and sugary things. Crazy right? Most the time when we find ourselves wandering into the kitchen looking for something to munch on it's not because we are hungry, but because we are dehydrated. A few easy ways to keep the body going.  - have a water bottle with you always  - have a goal of 1/2 water intake before lunch 1/2 after-- it's recommended that you drink 1/2 your body weight in oz each day. I shoot for 2 shaker cups worth before lunch and 2 after. It's over the expected amount, but it's a goal I can reach for!  - stay away from pops, artificial sweeteners, etc. that will add more junk to your body and create more cravings.  - check out our Hydrate that is a clean form of a sports drink. Making sure you get all the hydration you need without all the extra sugars and dyes others have. 

4. Get Sleep!  With the days getting longer and the activities ramping up, this one can be harder to achieve this time of the year, but it's your bodies chance to repair, replace and remove anything it needs to before you're up and moving again. The CDC recommends at least 7hrs of uninterrupted sleep a night. I set alarms on my phone telling me to go to bed, otherwise I'd stay up all night doing things. Sleep is important, make sure you get it!

5. MOVE that body! Whether it's at the gym, taking a class or pushing play on Beachbody On Demand - moving your body is the best way to keep it in the best shape, feeling young, and energized. Cars that sit for too long don't run as well, same with your body. Getting out for a walk, moving around your office every 50 min and getting in at least 30 min of exercise where your heart rate goes up is SO crucial to keeping you mobile for the long term. 

If you're looking for support in adding any of these 5 tips into your life, reach out. The goal is to help you live healthy and happy for life! Let's find the right tools for you to reach the goals you have! I'm always here to help! 


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