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What do you do now with all of those eggs? Great question!

First, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend with family & friends and that you made a lot of amazing memories. Our house was quiet as we were off spending time with others soaking in the sunshine, hunting eggs and eating all the goodies that come with the holiday weekend. 

Now that all of the eggs have been colored, hidden and found -- it's time to figure out what to do with them all! Today I'm going to share a few of my FAVORITE ways to incorporate them into your meal plan in the coming days and not let them go to waste. 

2 Hard Boiled eggs counts as a serving of protein in my meal plan, so I plan on making good use out of these eggs as the week goes on.

Avocado- Egg Salad on Toast.

This super simple recipe will blow your socks off on taste and speed! Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated! 


* 2 Hard boiled eggs (peeled) 

* 1/2 Avocado scooped and smashed  * 2 slices Ezekiel bread toasted

The hardest part will probably be peeling the eggs! Chop them to desired consistency and mix with your mashed up avocado. Salt and pepper to taste, top on the toasted Ezekiel toast and enjoy!

Variations: (b/c you probably have DOZENS of eggs in your fridge)  - add in salsa to give it more flare - eat w/ a red pepper instead of toast - wrap in tortilla for a wrap formation on the go

Watch me make it here on my Choose to RISE FB Page

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