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What's different in my life...

What is different in my life because I am on a fitness coaching team? Everything. Just looking at this week alone I can see it so clearly. Here’s a snapshot:

😎I get to work from home in my jammies 🤟I get to be present with my kids in the AM instead of rushing to get ready to run out the door ☀️I get up earlier, hit the snooze less often and have more energy by moving my body each day before the sun rises. 
 🙏I’m more centered in my faith by taking time for gratitude, affirmations, devotions and prayer each morning before everyone else wakes up. 🍏We as a family eat better, feel better and are sick less often. 
I also get to do that with my husband 💏 and have created a stronger, healthier bond with him by doing so. 👟I get to choose when I take my dog for a walk, get my groceries, hit up the post office or get my hair done without having to take time off work or ask for permission. 🎧I listen to podcasts instead of trash TV or the news, less radio and more uplifting content. 👩‍💻
I get to hop on business calls with women literally all over the country and be snuggled in my blanket at the same time. 🎁I can get and wrap the Christmas presents without having my kids around :-) 🤝I am able to be apart of service organizations and volunteer my time in classrooms and with those that just need someone to help out.

I live a happier and more fulfilled life on my own terms all while helping other women find their joy too. My business is creating a community of positive women, who want to live healthier and in a lifestyle that provides more choices, freedom and value to others!

What kinds of changes would you like to make in your life? Can you see yourself here too? Let’s talk.

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