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Won't you be lonely?

When I was on maternity leave with Jonah I thought I was going to go CRAZY... not b/c I didn't love being with him, gosh, I loved having that 1:1 time with him, in fact I fought hard to get EXTRA time with him and took 10 weeks vs 6 weeks off so that I could be with him more.. but man alive... I was stir crazy!

Someone used to 25 kids after your attention daily and adults to talk to... it was rough being home alone for 8+ hours a day with a small human who couldn't give you much more than a coo or a gassy smile. ;-)

When I had Hattie it was a completely different experience, I only took 8 weeks (b/c the school year had to start with me) and I never shut down my email, I responded to texts and I even went in for a few meetings with her in tow b/c I just felt like I "had to be there"

Both scenarios left me feeling robbed, I'd robbed myself ... In one I was craving time with others, in the other I was craving the opportunity to make my own choices without letting others down.

When I decided to coach full time I was a little nervous how I would handle "being alone" all day... but, quickly realized I'm never alone in this. While I have all the freedoms of being my own boss and choosing when I work, I also get to choose choose who I work with & everyday I have connections via zoom, face to face, & messenger with other women on my team.

This really is the BEST fit for me and for so many others who crave independence but also want to make a lasting impact on the world around them. IF that's you... let's talk about we could work together!

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