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Zucchini Lasagna!

What the heck do I do with all of this zucchini? Um... eat it in ALL the ways! :-) Today I took 4 very simple ingredients and made something super amazing! You could doctor this up, swap out for other loves in the same food group or enjoy it just as it is. I hope you enjoy!

Ingredients: - 1 large zucchini

- Thrive Market Tomato Basil Sauce

- Deli shaved ham

- shredded mozzarella cheese

*If you're looking for an "exact recipe" you're in the wrong place - I'm not a measurer by nature. It's just what works for us!

Step 1: Protect the PAN! And your time in cleaning! :-) I always line my pans with tinfoil or parchment to make sure I'm saving messes later on. Who wants to scrub a pan or worry about things sticking? Not me!

Step 2: Slice it thin

This can be tricky with such a large zucchini, but a sharp knife and a calm hand... plus a cute photographer on a chair (okay, maybe that's not required) and anyone can cut a zucchini into thin strips.... and if you're like me and make some thicker than others or even thin on top and thick on the bottom - no sweat. It all cooks up the same and tastes delicious!

Step 3: Layer it up! Layer your zucchini in the bottom of the pan, top with your favorite meat choice (I'm choosing shaved deli ham), sauce of your choice and if you choose cheese. Adding a 2nd layer creates more of a "lasagna" style - go more if you have enough zucchini. This large one was enough for 2 layers for us.

Step 4: Bake and Enjoy!

I bake this in the oven for about 30 min at 350. It's just long enough to get the zucchini soft, the ham a little crispy and the cheese warm and gooey. You can serve up right away or save it for later in your meal prepping containers. It's great warmed up a 2nd or 3rd time in the oven or microwave. AND since it's 90% veggies your portions can be super big. A great way to get filled up without a ton of calories!


Meats: ground beef/pork, chicken, deli turkey, or I suppose you could go with tofu too.

Sauces: I've seen people use Alfredo sauce in this, I love me a good tomato based sauce.

Cheese: I've done this before with sliced deli pepper jack or provolone. A good ricotta or cottage cheese would be good too! I'd love to know if you tried it or liked it! Email me at or share on your FB or IG and tag me at @kjpmeyer - Feel free to share this blogpost with your friends too!

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