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my team

Team RISE&FIT is my award-winning team

of phenomenal everyday women who are committed to being healthier in their own life and helping others achieve their goals as well. We have built businesses while balancing all of our roles in life that have brought us all freedom. Freedom of time, people, finances, and self-doubt.

We have grown our team with fitness enthusiasts, stay at home moms, full-time employees in the workforce and others already in fitness. Today, I run a large team of hundreds of coaches and have worked with the other leaders to create cutting edge, on-the-job training programs, called Rock the Business,

to help people succeed in their new businesses. If we can do this, so can you.


Who do I work with?

Although I would love to work with anyone who is positive and passionate about fitness, I have narrowed my niche to personally sponsoring people into the business who are women wanting more. Women looking for improved health, confidence, strength and financial freedom. I have helped independent women earn more and spend less time in the trenches. I have helped busy moms find balance, find more time, have more energy and contribute an income to their family that has brought freedom to their life.

I personally mentor a small group of approximately 50 coaches. Yes, I’ve built a significant business by helping my coaches design a smart business. I form friendships with my coaches and help them achieve their goals. I’m very selective. Time is our most valuable gift and I share it graciously with those who fit my life and I fit theirs.

As a working mom in fitness, I attract other fun, family-oriented women like myself. More than 80 percent of my personally sponsored coaches are working moms who want to have a thriving career, live well, enjoy being a mom and wife. I have successfully mentored 7 coaches on my team, out of just 50,

to become diamond leaders, which means they have a thriving business and teams of their own.

If you would like to consider a position on my coaching team, fill out this short form and let’s connect.

I consider just 3 to 5 people per month to work with. I am committed to mentoring and will not overwhelm my schedule with more people than I can personally help. If it is a good fit, we will both know it and the sky is the limit from there. Let’s RISE UP together.

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