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workplace healthy you challenge

~ Jill Nisly

Mid-Prairie Community School District

I think this all went really well

and am very happy our district decided to support us in this way. The program was well rounded and hits on the important topics of healthy living. I am pleased with my own results, but mostly appreciated the opportunity to do this along with

my co-workers.

~ Mr. Mark Dohmen

North Cedar Comm School District

Wellness is one of the most important things about being a good employee and giving

to others. Before you can truly give to others you need to be able to give to yourself especially when you are running low on energy.

Also this is easier to accomplish with people on your side. I’m so glad we decided to do this together as a staff. I really feel like we’ve grown closer together and it was easier to do the work knowing they were there to support me too.

~ Lisa Doser

Mid-Prairie Community School District

I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and what they were doing, especially in the food dept.

I think it’s so helpful because it made me think about my choices. Thank you so much for doing this with us. I feel so much better and have more to give my family and my students. I know I can continue this making better choices each day.

The Healthy You Workplace Challenge is an effective 30-day worksite wellness program that created

to help leader support their staffs by promoting healthy habits and a positive workplace culture.


The comprehensive program includes 30 days of group coaching on fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, positive mindsets and more. I deliver the content via an app or web interface called Vimify through text and video resources. Daily check-ins about nutrition, exercise, and a reflection question help everyone focus on these important elements of good health and positive workplace culture. We stay focused on actions and the positive results of those actions. I use a gradual release model, so participants not only learn what to do, but how to apply their new understanding.

The goal is for everyone who participates to practice on their own so when the challenge is over,

they and your entire organization are prepared for a higher level of personal and group success.


Quite simply, the 30 Day Healthy You Challenge overhauls fitness and nutrition habits in workplaces big and small throughout 30 days. I’ve worked with various schools and businesses to bring healthy habits and positive change into their workplace and had great success.

A 30-Day Healthy You Challenge will have a lasting, positive effect on your workplace,

the people you work with, and your life. Healthy habits and a more positive mindset can transform organizations and lives.

Contact me for a FREE consultation to determine how this program fits YOUR organization.


A healthier more productive you is just 30 days away!

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